Want 1-ON-1 NUTRITION coaching
TO reboot THE WAY YOU liVe?

Fed up with health rules and conflicting nutrition recommendations for weight loss? Tried every nutrition supplement or diet plan for optimizing your athletic performance? Recently diagnosed with food allergies or diabetes and
don't know where to start

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recharge + refocus + reboot with a Roots Reboot Dietitian,  your source for nutrition answers + your 'always-there' partner in overall wellness.



Roots Reboot goes beyond the traditional office or clinical setting and offers a brand new field, called tele-medicine, with HIPAA compliant telecommunication technology. Utilizing the newest health care technology, mobile applications and medical devices, the Roots Reboot team can optimize your nutrition therapy and foster sustainable change by focusing on the ROOT cause. Skip the waiting room and speak to a dietitian wherever and whenever it is most convenient for you -
home, office or on the go.

We are one of the first consulting practices that gives you around the clock nutrition access, support and the flexibility needed to achieve successful outcomes. With rapid advances in technology, tele-medicine has become an emerging area of practice in health care and we are excited to provide our clients with the first of its kind in nutrition consulting right at your fingertips.


Local +
Nutrition Consulting

Live in DC/Northern, VA or Los Angeles, CA? Meet face to face with a Dietitian in your area or conveniently through our integrative, HIPAA compliant, video consulting portal.

Distance + 
Nutrition Consulting

No matter where you are, getting your individualized Reboot has never been easier. Meet with a Dietitian conveniently through our integrative, HIPAA compliant video consulting portal.

& added services

Not looking for a consulting package but interested in customized, hands-on nutrition education? Learn which innovative nutrition experiences or workshops will help your individual Reboot!