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What differentiates someones passion from a business?
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We are living in a worldwide entrepreneurial renaissance and we are seeing more and more dietitians going into individual private practices. In a culture that often seems like one big competition, I want to establish a collaborative business built on the encouragement and support for others success. The mission for Roots Reboot Providers is to help entrepreneur dietitians transform their nutrition passion into a successful, profitable business by working together. I have a passion for helping not only my clients but, other like-minded dietitian entrepreneurs, to plan, design, launch, and grow their speciality nutrition practice so that you can focus more time on what matters most - your clients. I want to establish a community of dietitians to enable, encourage and promote each other along the way, and provide personal and business growth opportunities. Thus, making a stronger impact on our clients and most importantly to have more FUN in our day to day. This is essential to the success of our individual speciality practices and Roots Reboot as a whole.

To streamline the RR business processes, and to give you a jumpstart with your own private practice, I created the Business Reboot. In the next 3 months, you will have step-by-step tools and one-on-one coaching for creating a business plan, putting strategy into motion, and growing your business from
the ground up.


3 Month Business Reboot + On-boarding timeline



First 2 Months of Business Reboot

  • Week 3 Meeting - 60 minute facetime meeting discussing your speicality focus, mission statement and ideal client.
  • Week 5 Meeting - 90 minute facetime meeting discussing your specialty webinar, how to introduce you into the Roots Reboot community + streamline your speciality brand into Roots Reboot.
  • Week 6 Meeting - 60 minute facetime meeting discussing your specialty MVP and set financial goals.
  • Week 8 Meeting - 60 minute facetime meeting discussing your specialty service launch, marketing action items, and sales strategies for continued success.

Last Month of Business Reboot

  • Week 9-10 Tasks - prepare your specialty service materials + social media launch. Have your specialty service webpage built + customized materials made.
  • Week 10 Meeting - 60 minute facetime meeting finalizing materials + website and upcoming service launch.
  • Week 11-12 Tasks - countdown advertising your service launch on RR social media platforms.
  • Week 13 launch - Official launch announcement on social media posts, blog, and LIVE on IG stories/ Facebook!

Business reboot Playbook



HOW TO USE THIS playbook: 

  • There are 8 modules in this guide, and each includes tangible action steps. I suggest working through one module per week, but feel free to set aside time to work through the content at your own pace! Some modules may be easy to work through while others may take more time and thought.
  • Work through each module in order and accomplish the action steps before moving on. Please submit each modules action steps at least 24 hours before our meeting to allow me time to review. Failure to complete module action steps on time will delay your on-boarding and service launch date.
  • When working through all 8 modules, share your progress! Join our Asana Team Conversation (linked below) and begin to ask questions, share your content, unique service offerings, and a little bit about yourself so our RR community can get to know you and celebrate all of your hard work!


up-coming Team Meet + Reboot

We will have Team Meet + Reboot online meetings at least once a month, team journal clubs bimonthly and case study presentations quarterly! Meetings will be held online via Fruit Street. Check your Asana Calendar for specific meeting dates and feel free to start writing questions, discussion topics or announcements in the next "Meet + Reboot" Asana tab!

Next Team Meet + Reboot: ________

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Provider community 

Since we will not be meeting weekly, that doesn't mean we can't stay connected online! Join the Roots Reboot Provider Community on our Asana Team Conversation to ask questions, share your progress, offer feedback, and get to know other Roots Reboot Dietitians! Feel free to chime in with client referrals, helpful resources, or inspirational stories!

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Provider library

An online collection of our go-to resources, templates, and files to help you grow, improve, and customize the behind-the-scenes of your speciality business. Please feel free to share and add any additional resources that have helped you!

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