Streamline your speciality into Roots Reboot


What you will discover:

  • Easy steps to organically introduce yourself to the Roots Reboot community!

What you will do:

  • Instagram Q+A takeover.
  • Create your personal bio webpage.
  • Write a social media "introduction post" for your bio page launch!
  • Create a 5 day speciality practice social media challenge.
  • Write a 5 day challenge recap blog post.

After establishing your unique specialty niche and who you're marketing to, we are ready to introduce you on the RR website and our social media audiences! Here are the 5 streamlined steps to introduce you to the Roots Reboot community organically -

1. Work on your personal bio page

Please refer to my personal bio page for an example: Meet Taylor Page or Meet Kristen Page

  1. Please provide some high quality, bright, clean and colorful photos of yourself - preferably institutional shots, of you cooking with food, working out, working with a client or doing something you love that is relatable to your speciality practice, and photos that show off your personality! If you don't have professional photos that will work, we can schedule a photoshoot day done by me or a local photographer.
  2. Please include a personal story that explains how you got to this point in your career, your passion for the field of nutrition, and specifically your speciality niche area in nutrition. Try to make it personal and storytelling - where you're from, your hobbies, interests outside of nutrition etc. so readers and potential clients really get a sense for who you are and how you can relate!
  3. List your specialty RR title + specialty focus area(s)
  4. List past nutrition work experiences
  5. List of credentials
  6. List of noteworthy media highlights

Please write your draft bio page in a word doc first then submit it in your action items form below >>

I will review it and invite you to a Google doc that we can comment, edit and finalize together!

2. Organic Introduction q+a on RR stories

To introduce you to the Roots Reboot social media community, we will do a fun Q+A interview on instagram and facebook stories!

Please refer to the Roots Reboot instagram highlight "Meet Kristen" for an example and send me a few days in the next week that would work for you and I to do your pre-recorded social media Q+A in your action items form below >>

3. Introduction post on social + Bio page launch

Once your bio webpage is finalized and after your introduction Q+A, we will follow up by doing a formal introduction instagram/facebook post to launch your bio page! Along with this, I will have you do a brief media takeover on stories to show off your bio page and introduce yourself even more! I like to post this at about a week after your Q+A.

4. specialty 5 day challenge

  • Brainstorm a 5 day nutrition challenge that is on a topic you can teach our audience. This topic should be unique, memorable to YOU and your specialty! This will be on our media story (and later saved on our story highlights) guiding our audience day by day through the challenge. Include daily empowerment, tips + tricks for 5 days, Monday - Friday. Each day, choose a new topic or tip to highlight. Keep it valuable to the viewers but short and sweet (about 4-5 video frames) each day! Check out the Roots Reboot story highlight titled "meditation" for an example of Kristen's 5 day Meditation challenge.
  • Before and during the challenge we will do 2 social media posts:
    • One will be Wednesday /Thursday the week prior to the challenge - giving our audience a heads up / announcement
    • Second post will be Monday for the start of the challenge - storytelling how this challenge may be personal to you / the clients you work with. Give our audience the 'WHY" of the challenge in this post... and the "HOW" will be shown throughout the week and always circling back with the "WHY"!
    • I will follow up by posting / or doing a media story for a third post. With this, I will highlight some teachable points about the challenge from my experience going through it!

Once you have your brainstorm idea. Choose a good week for you to host your specialty 5 day media challenge (Monday - Friday) via Roots Reboot social platforms! Please provide a few weeks that would work for you in your action items form below >>

  • Think of a few products that would go along and support your challenge. I would like to do a fun giveaway to challenge participants by the end of the challenge week! For example for Kristen's 5 day Mediation challenge, we gave away an Art Naturals diffuser and 8 essential oils kit! Please provide a few brands / products you'd like me to contact for a giveaway in your action items form below >>

5. 5 day specialty challenge recap blog post

Lastly, once the challenge is complete, we will diversity this information into a blog post to have achieved on our site! This post should recap why this is personal to you and your specialty practice, sum up the 5 day's worth of topics you went over in the challenge in more detail, and include additional outside resources. 

  • Please refer to Kristen's meditation challenge blog post for an example: here!

module 4 example timeline:

(can be done quicker or longer depending on your schedule!)

  1. Week 4 -
    • Bio page draft complete
    • Bio page edited by Taylor
    • Introduction Q+A on stories
  2. Week 5 -
    • Bio page finalized
    • Introduction post
    • Launch of bio page
    • Announce/introduce yourself more on stories
    • Finalize 5 day challenge
    • Finalize 5 day topic outline
    • Solidify giveaway product
  3. Week 6 -
    • 5 day challenge announcement post that Wednesday or Thursday
  4. Week 7 -
    • Start to 5 day challenge on social media stories
    • Formal challenge post that Monday
    • Announce winner of challenge giveaway prize that Friday
  5. Week 8 - 
    • Challenge recap blog post and instagram post that Thursday

Module 4 Action items

Name *
Do you have high quality, professional photos that would align with the "white / clean" Roots Reboot branding for your bio page? *
Example: Kristen DeAngelis, RD, LD, PTC, RYT Integrative Wellness Specialist
This should be a topic you are a BOSS at teaching and aligns with your specialty practice and future client services! This serves as a mini teaser into your expertise, your personality, & what people can learn from you! Once we finalize your topic, I will have you draft out each days mini lesson.