Establish a refined, very specific client market ideal to you and your niche specialty.


What you will discover:

  • What is a client persona.
  • Who YOUR 1-3 client persona's are.
  • Put all the pieces together from modules 1-3.

What you will do:

  • Continue to conduct research on clients from the 7-data driven tactics (module 2)
  • Create 1-3 persona's for your ideal client.
  • Establish your Roots Reboot specialty mission statement.

part 2

Now that you've really honed in on the client you want to work with and have gotten VERY specific, one tried and true method for better understanding clients is to create a “persona” - a fictional, generalized representation of your ideal client. Every single thing you write, every single thing you put out there, all of your ads, all your options, all of the things we're going to talk about in upcoming modules and create together will refer back to your client persona. *Refer back to your Module 2 Action Items and use the three step process and the research you've gathered from our 7 data driven tactics to help you answer the specifics in your 'client persona'

Creating a persona for your ideal client can seem like a daunting task, but here are a few tips to make this step a little easier:

  1. Don’t go crazy creating personas. Typically, 1-3 personas account for over 90% of your activity and sales. Also, clients might change as you go so don't stress about getting it perfect!
  2. Know when you’ve conducted enough research. You could conduct interviews and keep doing research for a long time, but don’t get stuck in this step, we will be learn as we go! You want to gather general information in the beginning then, hone in on specifics as you master one specialty focus area and gather feedback from customers. However, when you've gathered a very clear idea and can start to predict your interviewee’s answers, it’s a good time to stop!
  3. Take notes on the language your personas use. One of the biggest advantages of conducting research is picking up on the exact language that your ideal clients are using. Make sure to take notes or record interviews as you go. You can use this information later to craft better messaging that will resonate with your ideal client. Your specialty services page on Roots Reboot and in social media posts will be a great place to start incorporating this new language!

your roots reboot mission statement

Once you’ve come up with a clear direction (module 1) and now, an ideal client + clear client persona (module 2), it’s time to write your speciality mission statement - a one-sentence overview of your speciality business that tells people WHAT you do as a Roots Reboot Dietitian, WHO you help, and HOW you help them.

Once we have this essential, clear vision in place, we are off to the races!

Not only is a mission statement helpful for answering the inevitable “what do you do for a living” question, but it acts as a measure for any product/service idea you come up with in the future!

For example: "The Roots Reboot Provider Membership provides resources (WHAT) to help nutrition entrepreneurs (WHO) turn their nutrition business into a successful, profitable business (HOW)."

module 3 resources

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module 3 action steps

Take this week to compile all the work that you've done thus far to specify your ideal client by completing at least 1 client persona. Continue to conduct research with the 7 data driven tactics in module 2! I look forward to our week 3 meeting to discuss your speciality niche, idea client market and mission statement!

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