Emily Welin, RD, LD

Roots Reboot Pre-Diabetes/ Diabetes Specialist


Grandma’s homemade chocolate chip cookies, a fresh juicy watermelon in the summertime, baja fish tacos and spicy margaritas, a slice of New York style pizza, spiralized zucchini noodles, Ted Drews ice cream (a St. Louis staple), or a chopped apple walnut salad.

I love all food.

No, seriously, I really, really love food and I believe that all foods fit in a healthy, well balanced lifestyle.  

While playing sports my entire life in St. Louis, Missouri, I never paid much attention to the foods I put into my body.  I pretty much ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. When I stopped playing sports year round and transitioned into an unhealthy college lifestyle, I began gaining the Freshman 15, very quickly!  I was not happy, not confident in myself and not comfortable in my own body. I enrolled in the College of Health Professions at the University of Missouri - Columbia because of my interest in science and desire to help others.  The first time I was introduced to the science of nutrition, I was sitting in my introduction to Nutritional Sciences class listening to the professor discuss the impact nutrition can have on an individual. Next thing I knew, I had been accepted into the Coordinated Program of Dietetics at the University of Missouri-Columbia.  

Fascinated by the flood of information I was quickly learning, I began obsessing over tracking the foods I ate, following a very strict “diet”, and began running 6+ miles a day while training for a half marathon.  

However, I did not see the results I was hoping for because I was not fully committed to a journey of personal wellness.

I was continuously “on” and “off” of extreme diets creating unhealthy guidelines and boundaries for myself.  One week, I was cutting carbs, leading me to feel exhausted, cranky, and starving. The next week, I was binging on junk food telling myself that I needed to go back on my "diet."  Looking back, this was not an appropriate approach for gaining long-term realistic success or true health. Instead, I was in a constant state of guilt, frustration, and stress.

My first position in the real world as a Clinical Dietitian at St. Joseph Hospital- Lake St. Louis quickly transitioned into becoming the Dietitian for the hospital’s American Diabetes Association Accredited Diabetes Program.  This is when I developed a true passion for all aspects of diabetes prevention and management: nutrition, exercise, medication, and stress management. By forming trusting relationships with my clients, I watched them make lasting changes in their lives by preventing and reversing disease!  

Fast forward two years later…


and I was in the middle of the biggest transition thus far in my life, moving halfway across the country and into a new apartment while starting a new job in New York City all in a matter of a few weeks.  My new position was in the Urology Clinic at New York Presbyterian-Columbia hospital network. Ironically, in the midst of all of these transitions and stressors in my life, this is when I was finally able to take full control over my personal health journey.

I finally let go of all food rules,

going back to the basics of including more fresh fruits and vegetables, watching portion sizes, and eating intuitively.  Keeping these changes very simple and manageable has helped me to find balance between a healthy lifestyle and not missing New York Restaurant Week or Happy Hour with my friends.  I try to move my body in some way every single day, whether it be an hour long workout class or a quick 20 minute walk during my lunch break.  This was a more REALISTIC approach for me because

I was able to balance an overall healthy lifestyle
and still enjoy my life,
something that is very important to me.  

Trust me, I was not perfect most days however it was about
putting in effort every single day to implement behaviors to improve my health.

Over a years time, I lost over 20 lbs, but more importantly, I truly feel like a new, better version of myself.  I feel energized and strong, am comfortable in my own skin, have mental clarity, sleep better, have improved skin health, the list goes on and on.  I finally applied everything that I had learned as a Dietitian towards myself and put wellness as my personal priority.

I believe food is meant to provide nourishment to our bodies and taste good, without any feelings of guilt or deprivation.

I invite you to join me as we both continue on our own road to wellness.  I understand that transitioning to a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, frustrating, and not fun at times. I am motivated to help support my clients in every way possible.  We will work together to develop long-term, sustainable habits that can work for YOU, even with a few simple and realistic changes that will make a HUGE impact.  

Remember that … Health is Wealth and it is SO important to invest in yourself because after all, you are your greatest asset.


Pre-Diabetes/ Diabetes Specialist at Roots Reboot

Roots Reboot Specialty

  • Adult Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes Management

  • Adult Weight Management

  • Lifestyle Wellness

client testimonials

“I’m feeling really good. It is a challenge not making a “quick fix” with a diet, but I feel proud of the changes I’ve made with entering new foods into my diet instead of crash dieting. I am more open to trying different foods and adding more vegetables to my diet. I am also more inclined to have a variety of lunch and dinner options rather than the same thing. Emily also helped me to stop fearing certain foods and just have a neutral approach to all food. Overall, the biggest change is my mentality.”

- E.W.
(30 Day Reboot Program, June 2019)


  • ADA Diabetes Program Dietitian: St. Joseph’s Hospital-Lake St. Louis

  • Inpatient and Outpatient Clinical Dietitian Counseling: Diabetes Management, Weight Management, Food Sensitivities and Allergies, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Oncology, Chronic Kidney Disease, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Geriatrics, Pulmonary Disease, Urologic Disorders, Critical Care and Nutrition Support, Acute Rehab Medicine

  • Sports Nutrition, Athletic Performance


  • RD: Registered Dietitian, American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Association

  • LD: Licensed Dietitian, State of Missouri

  • CD: Certified Dietitian, New York State

  • Lifestyle Coach Certified, CDC National Diabetes Prevention Program

  • BS: Bachelors of Science in Nutritional Sciences, University of Missouri - Columbia, Coordinated Program in Dietetics

  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Member, Diabetes Care and Education Practice Group Member

fun facts about Emily

  • Orange Theory Fitness junkie #SplatPoints

  • HUGE University of Missouri sports fan… MIZ!!

  • Chocolate Lab (named Coco) lover

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