Why your Diet isn’t working.

(and why the diet industry is a 9 BILLION $ industry)

Low carb.

Low fat.

High protein.



Whole 30.


“Just eat less and exercise more.”

95% of diets fail.

average diet results in long-term weight gain of 11 pounds.

Lets clear up the confusion once and for all…

and take the leap from calorie counting, macro counting, food points, labeling food “good” or “bad” and find true Food Freedom (no food stress!!), enjoyment, health, longevity, and long term results!

What you’ll learn: Taylor Johnson, Registered Dietitian and Founder of Roots Reboot, will be breaking down the science behind why diets DON’T work, clearing confusion and misconceptions around fad diets so you know why you’re NOT feeling and seeing the results you want with broken, short term strategies!

Instead, learn how to create TRUE long-lasting health and results that will work for YOU and your lifestyle long-term!


Thursday October 3rd at 7pm EST

60 Minute Webinar:

45 min + LIVE 15 min Q+A with attendees