Taryn Burke, ms, RD, LD

Roots Reboot Digestive Wellness Specialist


Thomas Edison was extremely ahead of his time. He stated that “the doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”

This quote is something I now live by on a daily basis; however, that was not always the case. Nutrition was not where my story originally began...

I graduated from Virginia Tech with a major in Public Relations and concentrations in Sports Marketing & Business Leadership. I landed a job with a sports marketing agency out of college - I shortly found myself working within the NASCAR realm. This job had a tremendously positive impact on my life; I was able to meet the most wonderful people, experience the most exciting things and learn from the absolute best in the industry.

Rewinding back in time, at the age of 3, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. This disease has given me countless difficulties throughout my life. For as long as I can remember, I have been required to be constantly conscious of my nutrition, health and fitness. The more knowledge I continued to gain from these wellness fundamentals, the more my interest and passion significantly increased alongside.

Thinking about nutrition on a daily basis has never been a “chore” for me, it has simply been a part of life—a part of life that I am extremely fervent about.


I wasn’t able to keep myself as healthy as I wanted to with the traveling and high-paced atmosphere involved with being successful in sports marketing. My autoimmune disease fueled me to make a change in my life—my disease gave me the motivation I needed to follow my real and true passion. Becoming an RDN and obtaining a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition provides me with the knowledge and qualifications I need to improve the lives of others.

My hope is that I will be able to help individuals overcome their health/wellness struggles just like I have overcome mine.

By being the digestive wellness specialist, I am truly looking forward to working with not only general nutrition clients, but clients that are in the shoes that I used to be in as well.


Digestive wellness Specialist at Roots Reboot

Roots Reboot Specialty

  • Adult Digestive Wellness

  • Lifestyle Health + Wellness


  • Clinical Dietitian Nutritionist at CMC-Main in Charlotte, NC

  • Inpatient and Outpatient Clinical Dietitian Counseling: Weight Management, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Oncology, Chronic Kidney Disease, GI Disorders, Pulmonary Disease, Neurological Rehabilitation, Heart Disease, Spinal Cord Injury, TBI, Urologic Disorders, Critical Care, Nutrition Support, Acute Rehab Medicine, General Medicine, Liver/Kidney/Heart Transplant


  • MS: Master of Science in Human Nutrition at Winthrop University

  • RDN: Registered Dietitian Nutritionist; Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

  • LDN: Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist; North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition

  • BS: Bachelors of Arts in Public Relations with concentrations in Sports Marketing and Business Leadership at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

  • Member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Member of the Integrative and Functional Nutrition, Oncology Nutrition, and Sports, Cardiovascular & Wellness Nutrition Dietetic Practice Groups

fun facts about Taryn

  • I absolutely love the Green Bay Packers

  • I grew up singing and was even in an acapella group at Virginia Tech

  • My pup, Cooper makes me happy :)

  • I used to work within the NASCAR realm before pursuing nutrition!

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