recharge + refocus + reboot with
individualized nutrition workshops


+grocery store tour reboot

Reboot your wallet, your refrigerator and your shopping cart with a Roots Reboot Grocery Store Workshop!

If you’re a college student who wants to shop healthy on a budget, a newly diagnosed diabetic, a parent learning how to feed a picky eater or simply a person who wants to learn life skills to shop healthier - this tour is for you. With an average 47,000 products to choose from in your supermarket, we understand why you don’t always know which foods are the highest quality and most minimally processed to put into your basket. Your Roots Reboot RD will:

  • guide you through nutrition claims and food labels
  •  discuss meal planning tips
  • Explore healthy foods on a budget
  • Focus on your individual nutrition needs
  • Supply you with education resources and recommendations lists on our favorite food products
  • Take the guesswork out of the whole grocery shopping experience!

This session includes: 1 hour grocery store tour with hands-on learning, smart shopping resources for making healthy choices quick and easy, and a 15-minute Q&A for personalized guidance and recommendations.

*Only available to local clients


+kitchen pantry reboot

Raise your hand if there’s a can of something in the back of your pantry that you probably will never cook with. We know... we’re guilty to!

Whether you're looking for weight loss, you need guidance following your doctor-recommended therapeutic diet due to a new medical diagnosis or you want your family to adopt a healthier, wholesome lifestyle, our Kitchen and Pantry Reboot is an essential place to start! Have a Roots Reboot RD come to your home and help transform your kitchen, pantry and refrigerator into one with great tasting, healthier alternatives to the foods you know and love. Your RD will provide hands-on eduction on individualized food preferences and nutritional needs, guide you on identifying the value and hierarchy of nutrient-dense foods and help foster a sustainable health environment in your home.

This 1-hour session includes: a complete home nutritional makeover, hands-on learning for your health goals and kitchen organization.

*We recommend combining our Grocery Store Tour along with the Kitchen/Pantry Tour so that the pantry reflects the choices you will soon be making between the grocery store aisles!

*Only available to local clients


+in-home cooking workshop

"I have the diet for you. It’s short and it’s simple. Here’s my diet plan: Cook it yourself. That’s it. Eat anything you want—just as long as you’re willing to cook it yourself.” — Michael Pollan, The New York Times, August 2, 2009

Some of the most enjoyable experiences with food are the ones spent preparing and cooking wholesome, delicious meals with others. Here at Roots Reboot, we are passionate about hands-on food experiences and the power of home cooked meals for adapting a healthier lifestyle. 

The Roots Reboot RD's are uniquely qualified and trained to be the bridge between MD's who may not have nutrition training and chefs who may not have clinical health knowledge. 

With a multi-sensory approach, the Roots Reboot RD will guide a cooking experience to help teach and meet your goals of establishing a sustainable food preparation routine. Small changes in the kitchen can lead to big improvements in weight loss/weight maintenance, improved lab values (normal lipid, glucose, and blood pressure levels) and aid in preventing chronic disease.

This session includes: fresh produce and food items for the mastering meals of your choice, a combined 1.5 hours of cooking skills and nutrition instruction, and cooking resources and shopping guides for fostering sustainable healthy, delicious home cooked meals.


Cooking Demo Focus Areas: Your RD can either start small or more advanced depending on your cooking skill level, We provide cooking tips for getting more whole foods in, teach you how to spice it up, discuss meal planning with time restraints, explain food pairings, nurture intuitive cooking or explore healthful cooking on a budget!

You'll learn how to: prepare numerous, quick meal options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or snacks, focusing on simple meals that you can do on your own


Learn how to master a more advanced family-style meal from our Roots Reboot recipe library!


*Only available to local clients


+home grocery store delivery

This service is for you if: Love cooking but want to take the confusion and time out of grocery shopping? Want healthier alternatives to your favorite foods but tired of keeping up with new food trends, grocery lists, and meal plans? If you are not a fan of grocery shopping but want some of Roots Reboot's favorite healthful products delivered right to your door - then this  service is for you! 

What's better then personalized dietary recommendations? Yes, you guessed it: having your RD personalize your shopping cart and have it delivered right to your door! 

The Roots Reboot RD's will leverage todays modern food trends of grocery store delivery services and customize our favorite wholesome, staples to be delivered right to your door so you can spend the time cooking home prepared meals for yourself and others. Your RD will hand select from brand names we know and trust are minimally processed and taste approved to provide a personalize grocery chart to meet your food preferences, health needs, nutrition recommendations. This service will inspired you to cook more and try some new delicious, healthful foods we stand behind. Your RD will hand select food products at some of your favorite local stores to have the whole shopping experience covered! 

*Available to both local and distance clients