What is Roots Reboot?

As Roots Reboot Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RD, RDN), we know the process of healthy shopping, cooking and eating can be overwhelming for various reasons. If you have been thinking about improving your wellness by achieving a healthier lifestyle, consider working with a personal nutrition professional. The Roots Reboot team is unique in that we have two expert dietitians with varying specialties and backgrounds along with an evidence-based practice and philosophy that focuses on 'whole living' starting at the source: nutrition. We embrace food culture at Roots Reboot LLC as it represents the experiences, trends and practices of individuals' food choices. With technology being apart of our everyday work, life and food culture, we have integrated the most up-to-date medical and fitness devices into our practice to assist in providing you with the most individualized, convenient and effective nutrition care available right at your fingertips.


Consider becoming a Roots Reboot Client.
it will be the first step towards rebooting your life, feeling your best and achieving the whole living lifestyle you've always desired.



Roots Reboot uses a functional nutrition approach to achieve disease prevention, sustainable weight loss/ weight maintenance, and health outcomes. Our team of dietitians utilize naturopathic approaches to wellness leveraged with cutting edge technology and up-to-date evidence-based research in clinical medicine. Functional nutrition centers around the food as medicine approach, along with, identifying and treating the cause of a condition rather than masking health symptoms. We focus on a ‘whole living’ lifestyle: improving the health and wellness of the ‘whole person’ rather than treating one specific area or providing a quick fix with medication which may contribute to additional health issues. Our team will treat your body as a whole, discovering the nutritional imbalances, deficiencies and metabolic dysfunction that are all too often overlooked in the standard health care setting. Roots Reboot Dietitians are your bridge between the health care community and the culinary community – between MD's who may not have nutrition training and chefs who may not have health knowledge. Roots Reboot Dietitians are uniquely qualified in both.

Rather than use a one-size fits all method, we provide customized, strategic nutrition plans that are right for your body, utilize laboratory assessments, up-to-date scientific research and mind-body counseling to address and correct underlying health issues. Roots Reboot does not follow one diet, but rather focuses on sustainable dietary choices for getting more whole, nutrient-dense foods in. We take the evidence-based, positive aspects of various diets, remove unrealistic components, and address the individual with attainable goals to achieve long-term results.


our Mission:

reboot and turnip the way you eat + feel + Live and BECOME THE BEST,



Roots Reboot is devoted to improving the health, diet and lifestyle
of individual clients through:

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  • One-On-One Attention and Support From a Registered Dietitian Professional
  • Evidence-Based Nutrition Practices and Nutrition Information

  • Individualized, Multi-Sensory Experience of Living Healthy and Eating Whole

  • Gold Standards for HIPAA Compliant Tele-Nutrition Software

  • Integration With the Most Up-To-Date Medical and Wearable Fitness Devices and Mobile Applications


Roots Reboot Consulting Services

Creating your own personalized nutrition plan and seeing results has never been easier. Roots Reboot goes beyond the traditional office or clinical setting and offers a brand-new field, called Tele-medicine, with HIPAA compliant virtual nutrition consulting. Utilizing the newest health care technology, mobile applications and medical devices, the Roots Reboot team can optimize your nutrition and foster sustainable change whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you. We are one of the first consulting practices that gives you around-the-clock nutrition support and flexibility needed to achieve successful outcomes. It is like having a personal dietitian right in your pocket! With rapid advances in technology, tele-medicine is an emerging area of practice in healthcare and we are excited to provide you with the first of its kind in nutrition consulting.


  • Find solutions to making your wellness goals a reality
  • Work towards your most “natural weight” - the weight your body is at naturally with the perfect 'whole living' balance of eating nutritious foods, moving regularly and still having food sociability and enjoyment
  • Ditch dieting and calorie counting and set SMART goals for long term results
  • Learn to prepare nourishing meals and snacks that taste delicious
  • Improve digestion, mood, energy, sleep and overall wellness
  • Break down your barriers to past wellness efforts
  • Understand the 'whole living' role of nutrition, sleep, stress management and exercise
  • Identify food allergies/intolerances
  • Gain strategies to overcome emotional eating
  • Learn how to indulge without feeling guilty


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Roots Reboot Recipes

Our recipe philosophy is simple and practical.

we make healthy taste delicious.

With no one diet, eliminating food groups or a “7-day juice cleanse,” we focus on lifelong, sustainable dietary choices of natural, nourishing whole foods. Our recipes are originally designed and created for you to incorporate the most antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory, energizing, nutrient-dense foods into your diet without substituting taste!

With innovative, simple, time-sensitive and budget friendly recipes, our purpose is to make healthy cooking practical, flexible and delicious.  

Following our simple guide of ingredient substitutions and recipe categories, you can individualize your recipes to meet your preferences or dietary restriction needs (gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc.).

We embrace bold flavors, global cuisines and authentic combinations of foods to reboot your weekly menu and get you trying something trendy and exciting.

Get Delicious, RD Approved, Roots Reboot Recipes...





Our purpose is to provide you with reliable, evidence-based nutrition facts, tips and awareness of nutrition hot topics. We hope to take the guesswork out of every day nutrition questions such as, “what should I eat that is healthy, quick, and delicious?” so you can start living whole and eating well.


Food is simply the most relatable way of sharing larger moments with others. Our Instagram page is a culmination of not only healthy recipes and nutrition information but a collection of memories shared with food, friends and the Roots Reboot community. Roots Reboot hopes to inspire you to make your own innovative healthy creations in the kitchen that you won't want and simply can’t keep to yourself.

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