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Meet Rachel, 45-Day Digestive Wellness Reboot Client!

Meet Lilly, 90-Day Lifestyle Wellness Reboot Client!

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“I tried the Reboot program as another desperate attempt to get my chronic migraines under control. My husband even commented that it felt like we were just wasting money on different "remedies" and that nothing I was doing was actually working. I felt like diet had to be a key, but my neurologist wasn't very encouraging. I tried a popular elimination diet, didn't cheat for 30 days, and still felt miserable. That's when I decided to get personal help. This program has been life changing! I have gone from having 15-20 migraines a month to 4-6. Having a second set of eyes on my meals was so helpful to identify things I was eating a lot of that I didn't even think to try to cut out because they are "healthy." I eliminated several foods that I think were contributing to my migraines. However, I also love that the program went above and beyond that. I feel like for the first time in my life I got nutrition advice that felt actually attainable. Rather than a "diet" or a bunch of rules, I got guidelines and grace. I was able to, with trial and error, plan meals that fit the Reboot plate. I learned things about snacking and eating post work out that I was able to apply right away. I also loved the FaceTime meetings and power points because I learned why I should be making the decisions I made. I love that the program focuses on all the different aspects of wellness like stress and sleep. We are such interconnected people and it only makes sense to look at everything as one! Unfortunately I haven't gotten that in any providers I've been to see yet for headaches. I'm so incredibly grateful for Taryn's wisdom and encouragement! This program has been incredibly beneficial for me and I'd recommend it to anyone.”

  • SO, 45-Day Digestive Wellness Program

“My biggest win is my approach to food and eating. Before the program I always felt like I was either losing weight or putting it on, never maintaining a good steady healthy approach. The program has total changed that for me.”

  • CL, 90-day Lifestyle Wellness Program

“I feel a lot better about my relationship with food and actually have confidence in my ability to sustain this way of eating. I'm more mindful and more in tune with my body. It feels really good to no longer hate the way I look in photos - which is a big deal when I look at pictures of me with my son, in particular. Clothes fit better, I feel lighter. Starting weight was 172, currently at 153.4!”

  • RB, 90-Day Lifestyle Wellness Program

“For most of my life, I have struggled/suffered with urgent unhealthy bowel movements that made it difficult to get out the door when I wanted or difficult to socialize without frequent embarrassing bathroom breaks. I thought it was something I would have to live with for life, as a result of my Crohn's disease and bowel resection, but it turns out that I just needed to work with Taryn to find options that are nutritious but don't irritate my gut. It seemed like an impossible task but worth the effort and sure enough, we discovered foods I thought I couldn't eat, I could and foods that I was eating that was continuously adding to my bowel urgency. The best part was having someone who understood the challenges of IBD, the nutritional deficiencies, and didn't just say eat a "low roughage" diet which basically means no fruits/vegetables and fibrous foods. I was suffering nutritionally because the advice from my specialist was so limiting and I was fearful of a flare. Sure enough, I can eat so much more than I thought and can eat nutritionally dense food to help combat my nutritional deficiencies. I've developed a whole new understanding about how my intestines digest food and what works best for me. It's so freeing and enlightening. Having "regular" bowel movements is a game changer for me as a mom, wife and friend.”

  • RF, 45-day Digestive Wellness Program

“I'm feeling really good. It is a challenge not making a "quick fix" with a diet, but I feel really proud of the changes I've made with entering new foods into my diet instead of crash dieting. I am more open to trying different foods and adding more vegetables to my diet. I am also more inclined to have a variety of lunch and dinner options rather than the same thing. Emily also helped me to stop fearing certain foods and just have a neutral approach to all food. Overall, the biggest change is my mentality, and I'm sure as I continue with the plan, I will have additional wins that are more measured.”

  • EW, 90-Day Lifestyle Wellness Program

“The thought of working with a registered dietician was initially a little intimidating to me, because I knew I had a lot to learn and I was afraid of failure. But it was honestly such a positive and rewarding experience. Having someone help me tackle the topics of health and nutrition in an approachable and realistic way was so refreshing. I was given tools and information that allowed me to start making better decisions, shop for food thoughtfully, and implement changes in my routine that were practical and achievable. And the encouragement and accountability along the way were invaluable, not to mention the positive changes I saw and felt! I am so grateful for the knowledge I have gained!!”

  • KH, 90-Day Lifestyle Wellness Program