Amanda musin, RD, LD

Roots Reboot Reproductive Nutrition Specialist


Food is medicine.

Wow, what an incredible concept!

It blows my mind that something as simple as the food we eat can completely impact how our body functions.

We live in a world that treats symptoms rather than root causes but maybe food is the real “magic pill” we are all searching for!

I played softball through my college years. As a lifelong athlete, performance was everything to me. I spent thousands of hours practicing on the field to improve my game. Nutrition was always an underlying discussion but never in the capacity of optimizing my performance. I was always encouraged to have protein, eat before and after games and stay hydrated however, I was never once told what that actually looked like so, for a young college kid on their own for the first time that meant fast food (hey, a double cheeseburger has protein, right?) and sugary sports drinks. I did well my freshman year but, I was always tired and groggy.

Over my summer back home, I resumed eating healthful meals with my family and it clicked, I needed to bring that same eating behavior back with me to school. That next season, I drastically improved my endurance (pitched a complete 14 inning game!) and gained 3-4 MPH of speed on my fastball. This was all the proof I needed to make nutrition a piece of my life forever. My junior year of college, I decided to take my commitment to nutrition one step further. I left softball (because, unfortunately, that was never going to pay the bills after college) and transferred to the University of North Florida specifically for their Nutrition and Dietetics Program.

Since becoming a Registered Dietitian, I have worked several incredible jobs! I started my career as a retail dietitian for Kroger helping customers make smarter purchasing decisions. Then I completely changed gears, completed my certificate in Integrative and Functional Nutrition and started working as a Functional Nutrition Specialist for an integrative medicine family practice!

Flash forward to today and I am the Women’s Reproductive Nutrition Specialist for Roots Reboot – by far my greatest accomplishment! While my career has been a dream, my personal struggles are really what helped shape me into the dietitian I am today.

Over 5 years ago, I started experiencing wildly intense pain during my periods and intimate moments with my then-boyfriend, now-husband. Because women’s health issues are SO taboo, I suffered in silence for 2 years before talking to my OB/GYN about my pain. I then received the diagnosis of endometriosis, chronic uterine inflammation and multiple ovarian cysts. I finally had some answers, but I never received clear instructions on what I could do about it.

After several surgeries and taking many different prescription medications, I decided to see what lifestyle changes I could make to manage my conditions.

However, I was further disappointed by the lack of quality and credible information available to women on these topics. I tried elimination diets, special anti-inflammatory cleanses, and other off-the wall recommendations.

Nothing was sustainable or worked for me.


No one prepares you for infertility because no one talks about it.

It’s incredibly isolating.

Why was everyone else around me able to get pregnant (on accident, nonetheless) but my husband and I couldn’t conceive after months of ovulation tests, temperature readings and more? I felt stressed, depressed, and broken every time I saw a negative pregnancy test (which was more than 20 times). On the eve of our first appointment with a top-rated fertility specialist in Austin, TX, I got my first positive pregnancy test. I remember breaking down in tears in bliss. What had changed? I changed. A few months prior to this moment, I realized the stress I was experiencing was ruining my overall health – how can that be good for conception?! I decided I would control what I could and leave the rest to chance. I started researching more on reputable dietary and lifestyle advice, meal planning, and finding joy in my favorite physical activities.

I now have an incredibly, healthy, and happy baby girl and another the way!

As the Women’s Reproductive Nutrition Specialist for Roots Reboot, I strive to help support women control what they can and how to manage stress associated with the journey to motherhood.

By spreading the message that food is medicine we can rebalance and reboot our bodies to work for us!


roots reboot reproductive nutrition specialist

Roots Reboot Specialty

  • Adult Reproductive Nutrition

  • Adult fertility, pregnancy, PCOS, Endometriosis


  • Outpatient Clinical Nutrition Specialist at Tampa General Hospital/University of South Florida Bariatric Center in Tampa, FL

  • Functional Nutrition Specialist at Austin Family Medicine in Austin, TX

  • Clinical Dietitian Nutritionist at Kroger Co in Columbus, OH


  • RD: Registered Dietitian, American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Association

  • LD: Licensed Dietitian, Florida

  • BS: Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences, University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL

  • Certificate in Integrative and Functional Nutrition from Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Nutrition Practice Group

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fun facts about Amanda

  • I had my oldest daughter in April 2018 and am expecting my next this September! 2 under 2, what am I getting myself into!

  • My ideal date night with my husband is going out for a delicious burger and microbrew (no worries, I’m skipping the beer while pregnant!)

  • I’m a little obsessed with meal planning and saving money at the grocery store – healthy eating does not have to be expensive!


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